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Malecon Center
Av. George Washington No. 500, 4to piso Santo Domingo, 10104,
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Malecon Center

Malecon Center The Malecón Center is a skyscraper complex located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which has become one of the city's most iconic destinations. This impressive architectural ensemble encompasses several buildings and offers a mix of commercial, residential, and entertainment uses, making it a significant landmark in the urban life of the Dominican capital.

One of the most notable buildings in Malecon Center is the Malecon Tower, a 32-story skyscraper that rises majestically along the Santo Domingo waterfront. This building houses offices for both national and international companies, as well as a variety of restaurants, shops, and services, making it a top-notch business and entertainment center.

In addition to the Torre Malecón, the complex includes the luxurious JW Marriott Santo Domingo hotel, which offers luxury accommodation with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and an exceptional dining experience. Visitors can enjoy fine dining restaurants, elegant bars, and a rooftop pool with stunning views.

Malecon Center also features a shopping mall offering a wide range of fashion, technology, and entertainment stores, making it a premier shopping destination in Santo Domingo.

This complex serves as a meeting point for locals and tourists alike, and its seaside location makes it an ideal place for strolling and enjoying ocean views. Furthermore, it stands as a prominent example of the modernization and urban development that Santo Domingo has undergone in recent decades.

  • Location

    🇩🇴 Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

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  • Number of Floors

    [Tower 3 - 32], [Towers 1 y 2 - 31], [Hotel - 21]