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Guavaberry Golf and Country Club

Guavaberry Golf & Country Club is a prominent golf club in the Dominican Republic, known for its impressive Gary Player design, beautiful and challenging natural surroundings, and its location in one of the country's most appealing regions. It is an ideal destination for golf enthusiasts seeking a unique and challenging golf experience in the Caribbean.

It is situated in a stunning natural environment, surrounded by lush tropical landscapes and a nature reserve. Its location on the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic ensures warm and sunny weather for most of the year, making it an attractive destination for golf lovers.

The golf course at Guavaberry Golf & Country Club has been designed by the Gary Player design team, led by one of the most legendary golfers in the history of the sport. The course's design takes full advantage of the natural beauty of the area, featuring well-maintained fairways and strategic challenges suitable for golfers of all levels.

This course is known for its impressive waste bunkers, deep sand traps, and indigenous coral rock formations that rise up from the fairways. These elements provide an interesting and visually striking challenge for golfers. One of the standout holes is the 13th, which features a waterfall cascading into a quarry pond, adding a unique scenic element. Additionally, the 18th hole has a large coral garden on the right flank, with the fairway tilting in that direction, adding both difficulty and beauty to the hole.

From the black championship tees, Guavaberry Golf & Country Club measures 7,156 yards, making it a substantial and challenging golf course for experienced golfers. The club not only offers an exceptional golf experience but also features world-class amenities, including restaurants, practice areas, and possibly on-site accommodations. Furthermore, the natural beauty of the surroundings and the pleasant climate make this club an attractive destination for both local players and international visitors.

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